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Marriage Records - We have thousands of Washington County marriage records here on our website. These dates will assist you greatly in obtaining a copy of the original marriage license. The Mississippi Department of Health can provide you with this for marriages that took place between January 1, to June 30, , and for January 1, to present by mail by using this marriage record application on their website.

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All existing Washington County marriage records for any date not listed above and for the dates listed above for that matter may be obtained from the Washington County Circuit Clerk's office. Divorce Records - Prior to , divorce proceedings were introduced as private bills in the Mississippi State Legislature.

Both parties must be at least 18 years of age. Marriage Licenses are public records and anyone wishing to obtain a copy may do so. Only certified copies may be issued.

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The clerk's office also has index information available online at www. Washington County Texas. Job Openings. Brenham Independence Strategic Plan. A computer selects your name randomly from a master list which contains names of Washington County registered voters, PA licensed drivers, state taxpayers and welfare recipients. If, for Washington County, you served one day within a one year period of your summons or served at least three days in a three year period, you will be excused if requested.

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Simply check the appropriate box on the questionnaire or send a separate written request. You must list your previous dates of service for verification.

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Only Washington County residents are eligible to serve. If you are not a permanent resident, you must notify us in writing listing your previous and current permanent address, if applicable. Full-time students are usually excused if requested. Either check the appropriate box on the questionnaire or send a separate written request.

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Just taking medication may not be a reason for excusal. Each case is reviewed on an individual basis. Sending in a doctor's excuse is not an automatic excusal as many illnesses do not prevent you from serving.

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Those on active duty with the U. Any employer who violates this law is guilty of a summary offense. If they penalize an employee for serving, the employee, within six 6 months, may bring a civil action against the employer to recover lost wages and benefits. The employee also is allowed a reasonable attorney's fee fixed by the Court. Check with your employer to make sure they do not pay you while serving.

Many unions provide for jury duty pay in their union contract. Otherwise, financial hardship requests for excusal are reviewed on an individual basis.

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It is your responsibility to check on your juror status. Call for an update. Your request for excusal may have been denied, and therefore, you will need to either report or phone-in as instructed on your summons.