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In at least 27 states and one territory, sex offender registration law requires that juvenile adjudicated delinquent must register if they commit a sex offense for which an adult in the same jurisdiction would be required to register. Ten other states Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin give courts discretion to weigh fact-specific circumstances to determine whether registration will be required of an adjudicated juvenile.

Offense alone would not automatically trigger registration requirement and courts are allowed to determine if circumstances specific to the young person and the case make registration necessary in the public interest. While juveniles who are transferred to and convicted in adult court usually are treated as adults also for purposed of sex offender registration. These jurisdictions would likely face a barrier to compliance unless their laws are changed.

Ongoing Economic Consequences

Two major cases surfaced in the first half of March of this year alone. In the first, an Indiana man convicted of multiple violent felonies, including rape, strangled and raped a year-old girl in her apartment. Not long after, a sex offender jailed in California for failing to register he had been convicted for molesting a minor was released because of overcrowding. Three days later, he raped and killed his own grandmother.

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In fact, what spurred much of the sex offender registration reform was a crime similar to these—the murder of 7-year-old Megan Kanka in New Jersey. Once she was in his grasp, the neighbor raped Megan and strangled her with a belt. He placed her body into a wooden trunk, assaulting her corpse once more as he did so, before dumping her in a local park.

The next day, this man confessed what he had done. He had two previous convictions for sexually assaulting little girls, but had spent less than seven years total in prison. These cases are shocking for anyone but, for someone who was sexually abused as a child, hearing about these stories can trigger serious, psychological reactions. Some who have experienced abuse in childhood, particularly men, are prone to turning these emotions outward, sometimes violently. Drum wandered outside until dawn, collecting his thoughts before he walked back to the Ray home. Drum had read that people were in their deepest sleep then, and figured it would be the easiest time to attack.

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On the front porch for the second time, Drum slammed the front door in and charged through the living room, past Tweety screeching madly in his cage, down the hall decorated with family photos to meet Jerry Ray, who had emerged from his room because of the commotion. Drum fired his pistol and hit Ray in the stomach. Ray stumbled back and tried to dash back into his room and toward the dresser.

Bang, Drum hit him in the back. Ray dropped to the floor. Bang, Drum hit him again. Paul Ray was asleep in a nearby room when his son was shot. He would have gotten up, he said, but he thought the noise was just the sound of the dogs playing in the hall and slamming into his door, which they often did. After killing Jerry Ray, Drum ditched his rental car in the woods and took to his route by foot. He hitched a ride with a trucker heading toward Blue Mountain Road, which begins at Highway and winds up toward the Olympic Mountain range.

There are few homes along this route and Drum hoped to make it to a cleared trail under a strip of power lines that would take him to Quilecene, where his next target lived. Little did Drum know, Paul Ray had found his son and contacted the police. Checkpoints had been deployed along a number of streets, including Blue Mountain Road, to ask drivers if they had seen a suspicious person.

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When Drum saw patrol ahead, he told the driver to pull over and bolted into the forest. It was that driver who tipped off the police that Drum was in their midst. Drum tried to stay hidden, but a homeowner saw him pass by and notified the police. A half hour later, a Border Patrol agent spotted Drum near a driveway. A small group of cops chased and tackled him.


Later, Drum admitted that his plan had been to live in the wild and continue attacking sex offenders as long as he could manage. Spring and summer is the easiest time for such a life. I knew I could survive early fall. Late fall and winter, if still free, I would have holed up in a secluded abandoned house. As the cops led Drum toward the squad cars on Blue Mountain Road, Drum turned to them and commended them on a job well done.

Although Drum initially asked to represent himself in court, he ultimately decided to plead guilty and forego a trial. He said he came to the realization that it would be a waste of tax dollars. Prosecutor Kelly considered trying Drum for the death penalty, but changed her mind.

When later asked why, Kelly said there were two factors. For one, he had unusual support both in the county and online. She doubted that she could convince 12 jurors to give Drum a death sentence. The immediate effects of toluene are depressant or excitatory, but the long-term effects include paranoid psychosis, hallucinations and damage to the brain. And, although he claimed he was clean and only had a single beer on the night of the murders, blood work showed Drum had toluene in his system, which meant that he was using within a couple weeks of the crimes.

His parents, both drug addicts, had him about one year after their two other sons were put into foster care, and divorced soon thereafter.

His father, violent and only sporadically mentally present due to his drug and alcohol use, remarried. Drum learned quickly that adults, particularly men, could not be trusted. His brother, Isaac, told police that his father was volatile, but Drum later revealed more about the violence in the household. He recalls his father spitting tobacco in his face for doing something wrong, and also strangling him unconscious in front of friends. He remembers what it was like to have adults watch as he writhed on the floor, doing nothing to save him.

The memories of seeing the sexual abuse are hazy, but Drum can still recall the night when he was 6 years old and walked into the living room. He remembers that his father was sitting on the couch in a night robe. And he remembers seeing a teenage girl, dressed in a long nightgown, straddling his father and, even then, knowing what he was seeing was wrong.

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And later, after the trial and the media deluge, Drum revealed a long-kept secret during a phone interview. Drum spent time in the care of other family members and, when he was 10 or 11, was staying with one of his uncles. Drum decided to go for a walk around town by himself. He was coming of age and was enjoying the freedom to do things independently. But, while he was out, a man in his 30s saw him and asked if Drum would like to go drinking. When Drum accepted, the man went to a nearby liquor store and bought two big bottles of whiskey.

The pair went into the woods and, by the time things started to get out of hand, Drum was too drunk to run away or even really know what was happening. The man forced Drum to perform oral sex and then forced oral sex on him. Drunk and unable to walk, he crawled on hands and knees toward the home. Someone in a car saw him and took him the rest of the way. Drum never spoke of what happened that day.


He told a few close friends that he had been molested as a child, but nothing more. After the assault, Drum became very protective of others, mostly women and children, almost to a fault. Once, when Drum was a teenager, a girl from out of town started talking smack about Port Angeles at a party. When the other partygoers threw beer cans at her, Drum pulled out a knife and threatened everyone there.

No one in his family talked about what his father did to that young woman and no one pushed Drum to acknowledge his molestation—his family never suspected it. Even if his family had addressed these problems, he doubts he would have talked to them about it much.

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He tried to ignore most of what he had seen and experienced, and many people around him attributed his criminal behavior to his drug use. The courts recommended that he to go through some addiction treatment, but never followed up on it. He was never forced to have a psychiatric evaluation or to go to therapy.

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  4. No one helped him confront his past. This lack of support is incredibly common. But Drum—with his history of sexual abuse, lack of counseling, and protective nature—was a ticking time bomb. Knight has had clients who, as adults, fantasize about killing the person who sexually assaulted them. Some called Drum a hero.