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East Coast Environmental Law. East Coast Environmental Law ECELAW is a non-profit organization that envisions a clean, healthy environment that is protected by the fair application of strong environmental laws. ECELAW was founded in with a mission to provide public access to environmental law information and advice, to promote the development and equitable application of progressive environmental laws, and to assist in the development of the next generation of lawyers who are committed to using the law to achieve environmental protection and sustainability.

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ECELAW provides a public inquiry service, partners with other environmental organizations, holds workshops, publishes citizen guides and research papers, and mentors environmental law students. Areas of law: Environmental issues including aquaculture, fur farming, migratory birds, protected areas. Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides legal information, advice and representation to Nova Scotians on family law issues, including child protection, custody, parenting time, child and spousal support, separation and divorce. Some level of help is available to all Nova Scotians on family law issues.

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Contact Nova Scotia Legal Aid for further information. Summary Advice Counsel at Family Courts. The Summary Advice lawyer provides basic legal advice, free of charge, regardless of how much you make or where you get your income. Summary Advice Counsel lawyers do not go to court with people. You can get basic legal information and advice about how to start or respond to a Family Court Application, help with legal documentation for Family Court, advice on consequences of agreeing or not agreeing to a court order, other aspects of Family Law, including if you are considering possible future Family Law issues and would like some advice.

Your case or issue must be somehow related to the court where the Summary Advice lawyer is located. For example, if you are applying to the court in Halifax, you should book an appointment with the lawyer in Halifax. Dalhousie Legal Aid Service. Dalhousie Legal Aid provides legal aid services to Nova Scotians who have a lower income and who would otherwise be unable to obtain legal advice.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid offers legal information, legal advice and representation. To get start to finish help with your case full representation you must fill out an application and meet income and area of law requirements. Go to nslegalaid. Youth qualify for services independently of their family. Dalhousie Legal Aid Service is a community legal clinic that provides legal aid services to people otherwise unable to obtain legal advice.

Generally, you must first apply to Nova Scotia Legal Aid before getting a lawyer at Dalhousie Legal Aid for family law or youth criminal law issues. Contact Dalhousie Legal Aid directly about legal issues for people with low incomes, such as income assistance, tenant rights, human rights complaints, police and school board complaints, mental health, debt problems, and disputes with Nova Scotia Power. Contact Dalhousie Legal Aid for details about services and areas of law covered. Here are some things to ask about if you are looking for a lawyer in private practice and cost is an issue:.

The Lawyer Referral Service has information about what fee options Lawyer Referral Service members may consider after the intial consultation, including lower cost fee options like:. More Information about Finding a lawyer , and How lawyers charge for their work. Dalhousie Legal Aid provides free information, advice and representation to tenants on Residential Tenancies and low income housing issues.

Contact Dalhousie Legal Aid for details. Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides free legal information, advice and representation on Residential Tenancies issues for tenants.

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Nova Scotia Legal Aid has online legal information about tenant rights. Residential Tenancies Service Nova Scotia. The Residential Tenancies program, part of Service Nova Scotia, is the Nova Scotia government office that deals with residential landlord and tenant disputes. The Residential Tenancies program helps landlords and tenants understand their rights, and exercise those rights when necessary.

They offer a range of services, including dispute resolution, residential tenancies forms and information booklets for both landlords and tenants. Service Nova Scotia offers information about condominium ownership, how condominium corporations are operated, what costs are involved in condominium ownership, and what to watch for when buying a new or existing condominium. They also offer ways for resolving disputes between condominium owners and condominium corporations - dispute resolution for minor disputes, and arbitration for other issues. Dalhousie Legal Aid provides free information, advice and representation to low income Nova Scotians on income assistance issues. Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides free legal information, advice and representation on income assistance issues for low income Nova Scotians. ARIS provides form filling help to refugees and immigrants.

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They only provide help with Temporary Resident Permits in the case of an Open Work Permit being submitted with a Spousal Sponsorship application, when applicable. Halifax Refugee Clinic. The Halifax Refugee Clinic is a non-profit, non-government organization serving refugee claimants, refugees and people in need of protection in Nova Scotia. They provide free legal and settlement services to people who cannot afford the services of private legal counsel.

Provides services to help immigrants settle in NS, as well as refugee resettlement, language training, employment services, business services, community connections, family counselling, and more.

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Arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete an application form and bring two documents-proof of income and ID such as Permanent Resident or citizenship card. Family law only. Dalhousie Schulich School of Law pro bono law students provide legal information and assistance with applications for permanent residency, citizenship, sponsorship. These clinics are open to everyone. Areas of law: Insurance, wills, divorce and custody, education, tenancy, commercial, and CPP. East Coast Prison Justice Society is a non-profit organization that acts as a hub for individuals and organizations involved in prison justice advocacy in the Atlantic Provinces.

Their work aims to improve conditions for criminalized and incarcerated people through education, research, scholarship and legal support. John Howard Society of Nova Scotia is a provincial organization whose goal is to understand and respond to problems of crime and the criminal justice system. Cliquez justice. Criteria are flexible, and those who fall outside the criteria may also use the service if resources permit. Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides full service representation start to finish help to youth between the ages of 12 to 18 on youth criminal justice issues.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid Duty Counsel is available for youth in custody and youth at court who do not have a lawyer. Available around the province. Contact your local Legal Aid office. Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides in-office summary legal advice brief advice to anyone between the ages of 12 to 18 on social justice issues, including:. All youth between ages 12 to 18 qualify for this service from Legal Aid, regardless of income. Family income does not matter.

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Dalhousie Legal Aid provides legal aid services to youth in trouble with the law. Hide this site. Clause 12 requires the head of a public body to give detailed reasons for a decision not to follow the recommendation of a review officer.

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Subclause 14 2 adds a definition of "personal-information bank" to the Act. Clause 15 provides that a report of a review officer is open to public inspection. Clause 16 repeals a provision that empowers the Governor in Council to designate certain entities as public bodies, since Clause 1 of this Bill makes such entities public bodies.

Clause 17 requires the Governor in Council to provide for a review of the Act every three years. B a controlling interest in the share capital of which is owned by Her Majesty in right of the Province or any of its agencies, or.

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