Lowell Massachusetts Sun, August 28, The death was remarked in the press mostly because it was the second professional boxing death in a month. Otherwise, said New York sportswriter Lawton Carver, Schenck's death "was more of an erasure than an obituary; he was wiped off the slate, and few in the boxing game mourn his loss. He was, you see, unknown. Joplin Missouri Globe, March 29, Lundy was sparring with an older brother when he collapsed. Cause of death was listed as cerebral hemorrhage and gastric perforation. Kennedy, a middleweight, was training in preparation for a job as a sparring partner for Joe Louis, who was then preparing for his defense against Jersey Joe Walcott.

Several days before reporting to Louis's camp, Kennedy collapsed and died while jogging. Cause of death was listed as heart attack. Kennedy's last known match was in November During his career, he lost 25 out of 32 fights, 5 by knockout, and one of his wins was due his opponent being penalized for low blows. New York Times, June 9, Ramos fell during a sparring session. He stood up, said he was all right, and then collapsed. Lowell Massachusetts Sun, December 31, Potter fell as he left the ring, and did not get up.

He had sparred less than one round with Marlette, who was the boxing instructor. Eberhardt was sparring at the University of Arizona's gym. Twelve-ounce gloves were being worn.

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He was knocked down. He failed to regain consciousness, and he died in hospital on December 1, Walker was sparring with Morgan, who was aged Afterwards, Walker walked to his corner, where he collapsed. A doctor was called, but Walker as pronounced dead at the scene.

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Walker's last bout had been as an amateur in Kansas City in Sinclair had lost two fights in the past month to an opponent named Benito Rodriguez. Several days after his second fight with Rodriguez, Sinclair was in the gym, sparring. He stopped, saying that he didn't feel well, and then he collapsed. He died in St. Luke's Hospital six days later. Cause of death was hemorrhage of the brain. Ring Record Book Jones was sparring with a professional. This was a supervised match in a prison.

Cause of death was ruptured spleen. Austin Minnesota Daily Herald, December 27, Ainu'u suffered head injuries when his head hit the ring floor. Reno Evening Gazette, December 15, Crump complained of a headache after a boxing match at the Marine recruit training depot. Walker collapsed at the end of three rounds of sparring.

He died four days later without regaining consciousness. Wilson, who was 23 at the time of Branham's death, was a professional boxer whose eventual career record of suggests that during the rest of his boxing career, he was brought in mostly to build younger fighters' knockout records. This is almost certainly the case at the end of his career, because his last two fights, in and , were against George Foreman and Jimmy Ellis.

Coshocton Ohio Tribune, January 8, Several years earlier, Sanders had boxed in Golden Gloves competition. He then went into the Army. Following his discharge, he resumed training.

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He had been working out for about 45 minutes when he suddenly collapsed and died. London Times, February 20, Sanders had never participated in a tournament, only in sparring. Headgear and gloves had always been worn. He collapsed, and was taken to hospital. He died. Cause of death was swelling of the brain. Dublin Irish Times, January 8, Beziane was training for the French amateur championships, the quarterfinals of which were scheduled for later that week in Tolouse. He was knocked down during some sparring. He got up, sparred one more round, and then collapsed.

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Brain surgery was done, but he died anyway. Although a former amateur champion, Buzzell had not boxed for several years. He decided to resume training. He was knocked down during a sparring match. He never regained consciousness. Cause of death was brain hemorrhage. Klosterhuber was participating in supervised boxing at the Wisconsin State Reformatory, which had organized formal boxing tournaments. Headgear and ounce gloves were worn.

After sparring, Klosterhuber said he did not feel well, so he was sent to the infirmary. He was dead within half an hour. Cause of death was brain hemorrhage, perhaps associated with congenital aneurysm.


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This was the second boxing fatality at the Wisconsin State Reformatory Golubiff being the first , and it led to Wisconsin prison officials discontinuing boxing tournaments. He was practicing for the Golden Gloves. The idea was to start holding weekly contests with the Army. The two boxers were cousins. Baisagale was knocked down by a right to the head.

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The death is attributed to Australia because Fiji did not become independent until Honolulu Advertiser, March 21, After sparring with some young amateurs, Candelario felt dizzy, so he went home and went to bed. The next morning, he was admitted to the hospital, where he subsequently died.

Cause of death listed as concussion. Ninomiya's last known bout was in Sapporo on March 30, Pacific Stars and Stripes, April 24, Headgear was not worn, and the coach was not present. New York Times, July 3, Fourie was the South African middleweight champion.

Nkoyane was a Fourie's sparring partner. One evening, after two hard rounds, Nkoyanea went home, looking fine. Next morning, he was dead. Pace, the former California welterweight champion, was sparring with the current state champion. He stepped back, looked at his manager in the corner, and then collapsed in the ring.

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Cause of death was thought to be cardiac. Robinson, an Olympic silver medalist in , turned pro in June One day, after a 6-round sparring session, he said, "My head hurts," and then he collapsed. He remained in a coma until his death 33 months later. Surgery revealed an old blood clot that had recently resumed bleeding. Fresno California Bee Republican, April 1, Kennedy had boxed professionally from , and after retiring from the ring, he had continued training for exercise.

On this night, after sparring five rounds at the gym, he collapsed. He said he did not want to go to the hospital, so he was taken home. His wife promptly called an ambulance, and he was taken to the hospital, where he was dead on arrival. Cause of death was a heart attack. Markley had turned pro just two months before. During sparring, he took a hard shot to the left ear.

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His right side began to shake. He sat down, and began having convulsions. He lost consciousness, and he died in hospital two days later.