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About Inmate Locator · Inmate Locator · Sheriff's Office Names of individuals arrested and booked by Alameda County agencies, in certain circumstances, may.

Please be aware that when a translation is requested, you will be leaving the San Diego Superior Court website. Other translation services may be used to view our site. Any person or entity that relies on information obtained from any translation system does so at their own risk.

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When a translation is complete, you assume the risk of any inaccuracies, errors or other problems encountered. Accessing Court Records. Online Case Search.

Staff members of the MCLL are not attorneys and cannot assist with filling out pro se legal forms. Visit the Milwaukee Justice Center for assistance completing forms.

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Borrowing privileges are available to court staff, licensed attorneys, federal, state, county, and city government agency employees. Additionally, the court may authorize the use of interpreters in the following circumstances: a if a person with limited English proficiency requests assistance of the clerk of circuit courts regarding a legal proceeding, the clerk may provide the assistance of a qualified interpreter to respond to the person's inquiry; and b with approval of the court, interpreter services outside the courtroom that are related to the court proceedings, including court-ordered psychiatric or medical exams or mediation.

The court may accept a waiver of the right to a qualified interpreter from a person with limited English proficiency at any point in a court proceeding, if the court advises the person of the nature and effect of the waiver, and determines on the record that the waiver has been made knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily. Interpreter Request Form.


ADA Accommodation Form. Established in , Milwaukee County is home to more than , residents and is the hub of the 37th largest regional economy in the United States. Milwaukee County How Do I Our County Milwaukee County's mission is to provide high-quality, responsive services that enhance self-sufficiency, personal safety, economic opportunity and quality of life for its entire people.

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Residents Milwaukee County is home to over , people living in one of 19 communities, which range in size from the City of Milwaukee, with , residents, to the Village of River Hills, with roughly 1, residents. Milwaukee County Courts. Limited Partnership Agreements - Contain names and addresses of partners and the address and purpose of a business.

The name of an organization is required for an index search. Indexes are available in cards, bound volumes and in office databases.

Name Changes: Petitions and Court Orders Card index with the original and the new name are in the office at 31 Chambers Street. Records Records are off-site, but the indexes are in books on open shelves in Room B at 60 Centre Street.

Public Records Search – Levy County Clerk of Courts & Comptroller

Naturalizations: - Records for State courts in Manhattan only. All copies must be made from microfilm, though digital camera use is also permitted. Bound volumes and on microfilm. Card index.

Index on microfilm and in database. For information on naturalization records available elsewhere, consult: www. Census: United States Census 1st of 2 enumerations , bound but not indexed. Mae West - People vs.