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Then apply whatever formatting one chooses to beautify the mail. Here are three quick ways to quickly paste unformatted text in Gmail which lacks a straightforward Paste as text option. When you paste something in Gmail, you get all the original fonts , colors, and other typographical embellishments. But just add the Shift key to the shortcut i. This is probably the fastest way to paste a block of plain text.

But this keyboard shortcut works in Chrome only. This is a self-discovered method, and almost a no-brainer. Paste the block of text on the Subject field box of the Gmail compose window. You can also use the search bar or the address windows. Two or three clicks, yes…but as I have often found out, it is speedy enough.

Just the Text Please: 3 Ways to Quickly Paste Unformatted Text in Gmail

Gmail may lack as simple Paste as Text option, but it does give you a Remove Formatting feature designated as Tx just next to the paragraph alignment icons. You have to paste a piece of rich text, select it, and then click the Remove Formatting icon to convert it into plain text. The first step is to turn on Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Once the Gmail keyboard shortcuts are enabled, you're ready to start testing them out.

We'll start out with shortcuts for the inbox view. This view is the list of read and unread messages in our inbox:. Then we'll take a look at shortcuts for the conversation and compose views.

Without further ado, here are the most useful keyboard shortcuts. Need help at any point during the shortcut process? Simply hold Shift , then the? A cheat sheet of all Gmail shortcuts will populate your screen. Close it when you're done, or open it in a new screen to keep it easily available.

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  • A Cheat Sheet of Every Single Gmail Keyboard Shortcut.
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To select a continuous series of emails, I check the box for an email, hold Shift , then select the last email in the series. To select a random number of emails, I check the box for an email, hold Command , then choose the designated emails. Hold Shift and 8, then press u to select all unread messages. I use this in combination with the next shortcut archive to quickly archive messages I don't need to open.

After the boxes are selected for the messages I want to archive using one of the above three methods , I click e to archive them. This helps me quickly reach inbox zero by archiving messages that aren't important. Sometimes I just need to quickly compose a message from the inbox view, so I press c to do this. To go directly to tasks, press g then k. You'll be taken directly to your task list where you can ensure you answer emails, meet deadlines, and follow up in a timely manner.

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Simply select the conversations you'd like to add to tasks and hold down Shift while you press t. You'll be taken directly to your task list where you'll see your selected task auto-populate. Need to reply to more than one person? Press a to "reply all" in a message thread. Do you need to quickly forward an email?

Pressing f will forward the current message to someone. If I need to respond to a message, but don't have time, I'll hold Shift and press u to mark it as unread and come back to it later.

Outlook program icon shortcuts

To archive the current conversation, just press e again, the same shortcut for archiving in Inbox View. When I'm catching up on a lengthy email thread, I press n to quickly jump to the next conversation in the thread. This saves me time instead of scrolling with my mouse. Conversely, if you need to return to the previous conversation in a lengthy email thread, press p to jump backward.

This is one of my favorites. When I'm stuck in a lengthy thread that's irrelevant to me, I press m to mute the thread. Thus, any new replies that come to this thread are automatically archived.

To insert a numbered list, hold Command and Shift , then press 7. To insert a bullet point, hold Command and Shift , then press 8. Sure, there's a "remove formatting" button, but this shortcut lets you keep typing without hitting the mouse.

Keyboard shortcuts in AOL Mail - AOL Help

Press Tab to quickly switch between the recipient, subject line, and body when composing an email. Did you delete a few emails by accident? All you have to do is press z to undo your previous action. Are you struggling to indent a line of text in Gmail? Indenting or tabbing can be tricky in Gmail, but luckily, there's a shortcut for that.